Of Political Affiliation Not Appearance, 2017 - 2018

Stoneware & Porcelain 

"The ceramics appearing soft to the touch is likely due to their close visual similarities to textile. Upon first
viewing, these could be cloth; wet and dyed, wrung and left to bleed out. Textile and cloth work have,
historically, been left to women, questioning the nature of “women’s work”. With regards to the highly
political and flawed nature of the manufacturing industry as well as a nod to the art history that omitted so
many female artists in lieu of their prescribed household duties, Lauren Davis stays within the art historical
confinements as a “woman artist” and simultaneously offers critique from within.
Human form as inanimate object is considered here, a delicate dismembered body object. Inanimacy
suggests lack of voice and inability to create change. This work welcomes a US context, where the artist
originates, and ruminates on a political dynamic where so many voices and autonomy are being
challenged."- Kate Einger, curator, Unnoosed and Straight 

Unnoosed and Straight, 2018

SADE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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